To help advance the campaign for the protection & rehabilitation of the Ifugao Rice Terraces, in a shared vision with other peoples & cultures of the world for a sustainable future.

The SITMo was launched in March 2000 under the auspices of the Sustainable Rural District Development Program (SRDDP) undertaken by the Philippine rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM), the pioneering, oldest and biggest Philippine Non-government Organization that extended its coverage to the Province of Ifugao with funding from the NOVIB of the Netherlands.

The core of the SITMo is composed of federations and networks of peoples organizations, government, business and social institutions implementing sustainable development. Among those who have united to form the SITM are federations of Sustainable Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources and Management practitioners, sustainable energy advocates and community health workers, communities which have bonded to ensure eco-tourism in heritage site villages, and professionals, entrepreneurs and government officials.

Congruent to and synchronized with the phasing down of the SRDDP in the province was the scaling up of SITMo operations through its members in the implementation and maintenance of the programs and projects under the SRDDP and its advocacies for its banner program for the rice terraces. Under the administration of Governor Teddy B. Baguilat, Jr. (2001-2004), when the provincial government assumed the lead responsibility from the national government for the rice terraces program, SITMo leaders and members were engaged and participated actively in the updating of the Rice Terraces Master Plan and its implementation with funding support from the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In 2004, the PRRM also turned over to SITMo the management of the Ifugao Heritage & Community Education Center (IHCEC) located at Kiangan Municipality.



As people of Ifugao, we can affirm our commitment to preserve our unique ecosystem and culture.

As visitors of Ifugao, we can appreciate the attractions of the province in a manner which respects the local culture and environment.

As others who believe in the preservation of the terraces as a national and global heritage, we can contribute our resources and time to help save the Terraces.


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Are defined as SITMo members who have the time, skills and resources to implement programs or projects and/or access resources for the organization.

* Volunteers will be provided with transportation and meal allowances at cost for official business transactions and shall be activity based.
* Honorarium will be output –based

Volunteer Classification:

Activity/ On-Call Based - are volunteers called for specific activities and are given honorarium based on activity.

Regular Volunteers - composed of the staff regularly reporting to the office and are given regular compensation/allowances.


Are students who are willing to apply theory into practice with the organization. SITMo will provide free accommodation and available assistance to increase their KSA.

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