To establish health care as undeniable permanent Civil Right for all

Event Description:

From September 20th until it is done

Everyone under the age of 65 call, log in, and/or walk into a Social Security, and apply for your Medicare card.

When applying in person if you are not allowed to fill out an application please present the a printed version of the 14th amendment with the Equal Protection Clause highlighted.

If allowed to apply either in person, via web, or by phone you will eventually be denied on the basis of age.

Get a written denial and then appeal. Repeat process.


1.) To establish a documented pattern of discrimination against persons under 65 years of age.

2.) To support United States National Health Care Act (H.R. 676), authored by Congressmen John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich that provides for Medicare for All, a universal, single payer, not-for-profit health care system. See billhttp://healthcare.kucinich.us/petition/.

Single payer is an easier sell than the Public Option. The Public Option when coupled with the Individual Mandate will lead to class discrimination and resentment. A middle class person will be mandated to purchase insurance from a private corporation and then also be expected to help subsidize those below the poverty line to purchase the Public Option via their taxes. It's a recipe for disaster and will be attacked more vehemently than any Welfare program, which means it will be CONSTANTLY subject to stoppage. None of the five major health care bills circulating Congress covers all Americans, none seek to attain the most value for the dollar, and the Baucus Bill will literally be the first bill in US history to garnish a citizens wages on behalf of a private corporations. A Single Payer System is all inclusive, has an astonishing 27% lower overhead cost than the most efficient private insurance company, and doesn't require 1000 pages of legalese to be explained. It takes one sentence: You pay your premiums through payroll withholdings just like SSI and Medicare, and then you go to any doctor/hospital/clinic anywhere in America, and receive care.

3.) To prove that the denial of universal coverage to all citizens is a violation of the spirit of the 14th Amendment and it's Equal Protection Clause. The arguments against this will be, that all are entitled to Medicare once they reach the age of 65, therefore there is no discriminatory process. We wish to challenge this on the basis that many people never attain the age of 65 due to the very fact they were not able to attain health care through the current system. A person that has paid taxes to Medicare that dies at age 55 while in a battle with a private insurance company trying to attain the same care that is guaranteed to others is being discriminated against and not being offered equal protection under the law.

4.) To establish health care as undeniable permanent Civil Right for all.

We hope you join us in our fight to support United States National Health Care Act (H.R. 676). You pay Medicare taxes and have a right to your Medicare card.

1. Health care is a government protected right

2. To establish a documented pattern of discrimination against persons under 65 years of age.

3. To demand equal protection for all

4. To bypass the legislative process and go through the courts