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Horses update

Tomorrow Sharon and I are meeting a woman and her friend to show them Tundra and Reno. We will take them on a trail ride and Sharon will be riding Black Jack ! I can't wait to see how he does. He has been great in the pasture. Tundra has another person in PA interested in him too.

Linus is still not feeling well. His foot was not so hot this afternoon and he seemed a tiny bit perkier.

Reno hasn't been ridden in a couple of weeks so I am sure he will be happy to get out.

Reilly is ready to begin his riding we just need to take it slow with him. He has some training but is very rusty.

The mustang mares are looking more prego...they need to go to Joes for two weeks training before the foals are born. After the Americas Giving Challenge donations we should have enough money to be able to send them. Its going to cost about $1200 to send them both.

Crown went on the Mount Victoria Trail Ride today with Jessica riding him and he did terrific. He is an old hand and will be a wonderful been there done that horse for someone. Very cool guy. Thanks Jess !

Cactus is hanging out with Rusty and Cooper at Celestes but Rusty is not happy about it. Cactus may come back to my house to hang with Cody and Fiona. Randy is interested in taking him to her house to hang out with her crew (Tia, Noble and Sadie). She has a neighbor boy that is interested in riding him and giving him some kid attention.

Tia had her tooth pulled today and Cooper, Chief and Cactus got thier teeth done too.

Ashley threw a shoe and I am waiting for the farrier to come back and put it on so she can be ridden.

Samson is enjoying his time and Sharons and is getting a nice mash for his meals. We have got to get his thrush cleared up so he will be sound again and ready to ride.

Chief is on a dry lot diet and has lost some of his chubbiness. He is Lookin Good !

Just thought I would send this update so you could enjoy hearing about the horses you are supporting.

LET"S RALLY and reach our 200 donations goal by NOV 6th to raise $8000 !! Tell everyone you know and try to recruit donators to help the horses this winter. We have a whooping dentist and vet bill to pay and the Mustangs need to go to the trainer.... We can all do it together !! This Tuesday is one of our major donation days and the next one is this Friday.

Thank you for all the support you have given us this past year.

Mel                                                                                                                                                                    Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

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