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How many leopards ARE there?

We want leopard hunting to be banned outright. Leopards are increasingly threatened by the morons who shoot them for fun.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) still supports the legal quota of 150 trophy hunts in South Africa each year (see below). That's 150 too many.

However, their work has improved the plight of leopards tremendously! They have presented a report about the status of leopards to the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) Scientific Authority and the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA).

"The findings support ongoing retention of a quota of 150 trophy leopards in South Africa, however this needs to be done with key interventions to:

• improve monitoring of trophy hunting;
• improve monitoring of other forms of harvest including illegal off-take of Leopards;
• improve and standardise data capture and reporting;
• implement monitoring of Leopard populations;
• develop a national management plan for Leopards; and
• improve relationships between stakeholders involved in managing and utilising Leopards.

The findings will assist in the regulation of trade in Leopards and Cheetah on the CITES appendices going forward."

The report is great news for dwindling leopard populations!

Read more here:

If you can, please support the EWT's invaluable work towards protecting leopards.


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