Donate and support the fight against Brain Tumors!

Rory James O'Sullivan is my 24 year old cousin and the son of my Dad's twin brother, Shawn. Rory was diagnosed in March 08 with a brain tumor and has had 3 surgeries, RT (radiation therapy) and chemo and has overcome many challenges since! Rory now faces some more serious challenges and needs your help. "Help" takes many forms...it can be a card or email or FB note, it can be a donation to MAF or participating in the Race for Hope on Nov. 1st at the Phila Art Museum (http://bts.convio.net/site/PageServer?pagename=RFH_PA_Homepage) and look for "Team Rory".

Rory graduated from Vancouver Film School in '07 and has been living in NY doing work in the Art Department and Production Assistant areas for film, commercials and music videos. His dream is to continue with his passion in film and music. Rory loves to play basketball and hang with his new dog and best friend Hoosier!

1. My cousin Rory was diagnosed with a brain tumor a year and a half ago and is still fighting to overcome it.

2. My wish is to raise money so that he can have the best treatment on earth.

3. All donations go to MAF, a non-profit, tax exempt foundation and 100% funds go directly to healing Rory.

4. So take a few minutes, donate, be a part of the healing, make a difference in someone's life!