12 different women on a mission to raise $25,000 for BC Cancer Foundation by being proud of their bodies and creating a (tasteful) nude calendar, then shaving their heads!

12 different ways to be gorgeous, $25,000 dollars for cancer, 1 bold statement for women everywhere...

This is a student-started, community-run initiative to raise $25,000 for BC Cancer Agency, with supports both research and care. Twelve women, from soccer moms to college co-eds and everything in between, will pose nude in a 2010 calendar that will rock the status quo of beauty and prove that there is no one-size fits all "Babe". Once they raise $25,000 for cancer, they'll prove that beauty and vanity aren't one and the same: they'll shave their heads, all 12, at a public rally and thank you party for the community.

1. All women are beautiful.

2. Who you are and what you do is more important that how you look.

3. Women should be proud of the bodies they HAVE, not the ones they're taught they should have.

4. Join the group! "Babes Go Bare for Cancer!"