we don want any changes in our flag n friends plzzz support this

today i jus heard in news that there z discussion going on in some committee of sambidhan sabha abt whether to change our national flag or not n maoist want to change da current flag,,wat da hell they think of themselves,,b4 they were saying naya nepal naya nepal,,n we r enjoying so called naya nepal with julus, banda n andolan ,, now again naya flag naya flag,,this is not happening now,,according to them they want to give a sense of change by chainging our national flag,,but changing flag doesnot gives any sense of change,,sense of change comes from development activities which they failed to do while they were in government,so people who wants to change da flag has no sense. At last,we don want any changes in our national flag,, b aware b alert PEACE

1. its unique

2. we all r attached to it

3. its our identity