Thanks for supporting our National Flag

आज हामी सातौ वर्ष मा छौ यो अवधिमा हामीले हाम्रो रास्ट्रिय झन्डा परिवर्तन गर्ने बिषय बिरुद्ध जोरदार आवाज उठायो बेला बेला मा हुने बन्द को पनि बिरोध गर्योउ ३३००० साथी हरु को साथ् लाइ कम मान्नु हुदैन फेसबुकले हाम्रो लागि नया पेज बनाइदिएको छ, जसलाई हामीले…Read More

Jatiye Rajya Chahidaina tyo vhandai ma bandha garna paidaina

we know change is development,,but it takes time for a change,,akai choti sabai kaha change huncha ta sathi haru,,tyo mathi sabai ko chitta bujauna sakidaina,,so kati kura ma compromise garera agadi badnu parcha,,so lets unite together to deal with this…Read More

Three major political parties agreed to retain the current national flag

First of all ,,thanx a lot for supporting our current national flag. Three major political parties agreed to retain the current national flag in the new constitution but with the added meanings to its shape and colour based on the spirit of Jana Andolan…Read More

lets unite together to oppose da ongoing bandha

lets attend da "peace rally" tomm_ friday_may 7_at 9 am_ at basantapur,, n show our unity n strength,,hope to c u all their,,moreover to show respect towards our national flag, we can bring it wid us tomm......


 some people r criticizing this case n sending me mail,,i jus want to tell them that from this cause we r showing concern towards our flag-how much we love our flag-we all know that no one ve guts to chage our flag-if they try also they ll ve very bad time-so…Read More


    Gatishil Nep Cause Creator thanx to everyone 4 supportin da cause,, invite more frens,,our small support may change big things if we all unite together,,lets hope towards it,,its our country,,its our responsibility,,no one can change anything without our…Read More

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