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An American Citizen's Declaration:

Our current healthcare system is broken. A complete re-engineering process is needed.

What is lacking are fundamental principles for health care in America to guide and lead this process towards a better solution, to wit:

Principle One: Freedom to choose. I am my own best Doctor. Not an Allopath, not a pharmaceutical company, and not my insurance provider. I have an inalienable right to choose my health care provider and the modality that is best for me AS I DECIDE. It is my body. My right. My choice. No one else's, and certainly NEVER the Government's decision.

Principle Two: Healthcare is vital to the prosperity of our Nation. Economic, quality of life, productivity, GDP; the healthier we are, the more economically secure and productive we are as a nation. Government has a responsibility to assure a healthcare system that works like it has a role to ensure all infrastructure of our country works. Healthcare then is no different than interstate highways, the internet, aviation, electricity, water, security, etcetera.

Principle Three: Healthcare encompasses ALL health modalities. Holistic modalities work. They are in fact proven with gold standard testing. Allopathy, the current practice of most MD's, addresses most symptoms with drugs or surgery and few other alternatives. All would agree allopathy is the best modality for any physical injury or trauma, but fails, and has failed for decades, in treating the major diseases faced by us today; for example breast cancer, diabetes, et al.

Allopaths to their credit are stepping up more and more with preventive alternative modalities and putting forth an important message: Let me be a Doctor and not a health insurance manager.

The current health insurance companies seem to actually promote rising healthcare costs, then denial of treatments, like a diabolical plot to justify higher rates, and simultaneously deny paying out of costs; meaning increase in their net profits.

Our system is designed around a dysfunctional allopathic modality for most health issues. It is discussed and presented as “the only” modality, and the AMA and Big Pharma work hard to discourage any other approach.

It is my free will to decide what treatment protocol I want for my body to heal. No one else's. Insurance should cover my choice, not theirs.

The best course of increased vitality and health for our country is supporting increased availability and economic viability for all alternative health modalities whichever one any American citizen may choose for themselves.

It is every American Citizen's fundamental right to choose the healthcare that is right for them.

This is a free country with individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness at its core; that means it is our constitutional right to choose our Doctor or other Healthcare Provider, not the Government’s, and not an insurance provider.

1. Principle One: Freedom to choose

2. Principle Two: Healthcare is vital to the prosperity of our Nation.

3. Principle Three: Healthcare encompasses ALL health modalities