The Time is NOW !

In wake of the upsurge of anger, hatred and violence following the recent monumental, historic passing of health care reform....which is simply being used as a tool for incitement...we must UNITE to Fight against the ills of the few. Yes We WILL !!!

WE MUST FIGHT... Unity AGAINST the hatred, racism and the upsurge of violence following the monumental, historic passing of Health Care Reform.

African Art

There is an interesting piece of art at It is worth seeing - as this piece has people from different cultures and it even names me. Interesting   David Apperson Cause Admin

Veterans Helping Veterans

I would like to thank everyone who has helped with the growth of United Against Racism. Due to time constraints; over the next few months I will be donating all my time to Veterans Helping Veterans. I know that Greg Jones and Kelly Williams will do great…Read More

Solid Majority on Side of Uniting Against Racism

According to a poll produced by USA Today more American now believe in Uniting Against Racism than any previous time in history. The poll is great news for all Americans and the article is something that all should read. see…Read More

United We Stand

United We Stand believes in the cause of United Against Racism. As a Facebook group United We Stand believes in the principle that we can help make the world a better place; a place without racism. I encourage those with motivational stories dealing with…Read More

NFL Stands Against Racism

According to Sports Illustrated Rush Limbaugh will have no opportunity to participate in any form of ownership of an NFL team. See article at for more details. This is truly…Read More
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