Is Michael Moore the only person with a spine?

 I think it is time to support Michael Moore; the Dems have lost their spine. We need healthcare reform in America.   Daniel P. David Cause Creator

Now is the time to be public about your desire for Healthcare Reform

Please join the millions of Americans who are making their desire for Healthcare Reform known. Here are 7 things you can do: 1. Call your Congressperson 2. Write a letter to Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid 3. Write an email to your Congressperson. 4. Make a…Read More

Coffee Party vs Tea Party

 It's time to wake up America and smell the coffee! If we don't start showing serious support for Healthcare Reform, we may lose it all! Have you checked the "causes" for Facebook lately? If you go to the search causes and type in "tea party" you will see…Read More
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