emergency resection

hello all on the 1st alyssa had to have emergency brain surgery. her tumor had grown double in size since january...god is good....it grew in the shape of a heart!!! that was our sign that he was with us and as always in control! the surgeons resected 90% and…Read More


Hi everyone and thank you for your prayers! Alyssa had her LAST day of chemo on wednesday last week! Sorry it has taken me this long to update, we had a tragic loss in our family. I just wanted you all to know that she will now have periodic MRI's to monitor…Read More

Wednesday MRI

 Today Allysa will undergo an MRI to determine if the medication is taking affect and if she can come off chemo therapy. I ask that you pray mightily for her today. Erika is alone at this time and Tony is out of town. Many blessings to you all...In Christ,…Read More
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