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Updating the "Humanomics(sm) Movement, to its Members

Shalom Friends & Humanomics(sm) Movement Members: OK folks, it's time, wiith over 6,300 emails in the INBOX, and another 60,000 plus discarded. The ANSWER(S) generally requested are this; the central oragnizing modaliity of the NEW world order is…Read More

The United Nations-UN's, NEW Declaration of Human Rights - 2010

Shalom Humanomics(sm) Movement Members, Blessed Friends and ALL our one family: Very briefly, David Rockefeller, Sr. NOW a robust 94 who, with his family built the UN from a vision and enabled it with a vital primary CONTENT that was/is the UN's Universal…Read More

Humanomics(sm) "Receiving, to give(sm)'s" Primary Technology, Is "Identity Resolution-IR"

Shalom Blessed Friends: Thank you for your help and continuing support, we continue to receive many blessings. Below, is the one of the central technology's of man's redemption, enjoy and please llet me hear your feedback and thoughs and questions, thank you…Read More

Israel's Reaction to Humanomics(sm) is to Bluff, Stall & Delay

Shalom Facebook Humanomics(sm) Movement Members... Interestingly, the Gulag's proxies claim that the PM and his staff cannot understand this writing of WHAT Humanomics(sm) is and means; that is Israel and mankind's NEW reality and future. And so we answered,…Read More

Humanomics(sm) Relation(s) To The Future of Israel...

The Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benyamin Netabyahu, Jerusalem - Feb. 19th, 2010 Shalom Bibi: Your proxy Tsvi Misanai, and I met, and the cognitive suggestion(s) is that we together meet, to share and discuss the SOLUTION, so now it’s your call. And so…Read More
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