To all of the members: I owe you a great deal of thanks, recently the groups size has been growing rapidly, and it is because of all of you! sadly, i didnt invite anyone recently as i am focused more on my basic training than anything else but to all of you…Read More

WO Brown

Recently 4 canadian soldiers were killed overseas, one was named Warrant Officer Brown, he was reom the Lincon and Welland regiment, his death struck home for me because most of the instructors on my course knew him very well, and one in perticular went to…Read More

take the pledge!

hey everyone, we need to get this cause out there so if you could all take the pledge to invite 100 ppl on your friends list it would be greatly appreciated, i have already dont it and i hope all of you will follow my example. cheers nick lock


RECENTLY THE 175km STRETCH OF 401 HIGHWAY FROM CFB TrentoN TO THE Don Valley Parkway WAS RENAMED "the highway of heroes" BUT YOU CAN STILL SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND THEIR FAMILIES BY JOINING AND SUPPORTING THIS CAUSE whether or not a canadian soldier dies I and…Read More

highway of heroes

well its been done the highway was renamed highway of heroes because of all the people who signed the petition great job
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