One Day At A Time

Sometimes it needs to be broken down to five minutes at a time. Those minutes add up! So wait five more minutes. When those five are up wait another five! :)

To All The Ladies

Just wanted to let you know I am on and off my computer daily. Please feel free to friend me and send me a note if you wish. If your struggling or just want to connect I am here for you. Yours in love and service, Gwen R~

Thank you for Supporting Recovery!!!!

I cant thank everyone enough for the support we are gaining. I try to message everyone when they join with at least a little message of thanks. We are however growing so fast that FB actually blocked me from messaging because I was engaged in an activity that…Read More

We did it!! 8011 people world wide

Congratulations everyone in just two days we have grown our "cause" by 60 new supporters. We have topped the 8000 mark and I hope we can top 10,000 in a couple of months. Thank you to everyone who is a Supporter of Recovery and THANK YOU to all of you in…Read More

Support Recovery

In one week we the supporters of "Support Recovery" have Grown over 165 new people who Support Recovery. This is Global and because of all the great shares and the great support we are getting ready to launch a global range of products and forum for Support…Read More

Please Support Recovery

As you may or may not know Supporting those in Recovery it is very dear to my heart and it is only with Support that I have been able to do the work I do in Recovery for others. The Orange Ribbon campaign is now world wide because of this group. Please…Read More

Support Recovery Almost 7000 world wide WOW!!!

Hey there Support Recovery members we are up to almost 7000 only 3 more be at 7000. AWESOME!! This started as a small local group on the island of Newfoundland in Canada. Now we are all over the world and growing. Please invite your friends and show our…Read More
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