This cause aims protection for "sponsored girls" in aid projects from the violence of genital mutilation


sign & send the 4 letters on http://www.patenmaedchen.de/en_wycd.html


As you might know, there are some development organizations working with a sponsored child-system. They promise to assure a better life to the sponsored children and their communities with a monthly donation from 25 to 30 Euros...
Such organizations are PLAN International, World Vision, Kindernothilfe or ChildFund Germany...
We had to find out that up to 400,000 girl-childred in 18 African and Asian countries - who are marketed by these organizations in order to acquire money - are helplessly delivered to the grievous violence of female genital mutilation!
Until now, the organizations refuse to consequently, strictly and actively stipulate the protection of these girls in their preconditions of support!
The time is overdue to change this policy that turns a blind eye to the harm and sufference of thousands of children.
We can make true protection for all these girls happen! It is easier than you might think - and it does not cost any money! Are you with us?
For more information about the problem, its solution and how you get involved, check out the website www.sponsoredgirl.com or www.patenmaedchen.de.
The international campaign started September 17, 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

1. Every girl has the right to be protected against avoidable violence.!

2. Time is overdue to demand protective measures from the development aid organizations.

3. Call for protection for sponsored girls: sign the 4 letters on www.sponsoredgirl.com