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This New Year...Be a Freethinking Pen Pal

Happy New Year, Freethinkers!

This year, the Freethought Books Project encourages you to be a Pen Pal to a freethinking prisoner. Many inmates have few to no outside contacts, and writing them, even occasionally, will brighten their day. Furthermore, it will provide them a connection to the wider world.

Unlike popular stereotypes, many prisoners are engaging people and rewarding contacts, and both parties will benefit from getting to know someone behind bars. Plus, as fellow nonbelievers, you will provide each other another person to talk to with similar beliefs about the supernatural.

If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected]. Tell us a little bit about your brand of freethought and your interests, and we will match you up with a nonbelieving inmate. We appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you.

Thanks for your time.

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