To provide support for couples & families experiencing repeated miscarriage, and to encourage further research of the cause for those whose repeated miscarriages remain undiagosed.

Recurrent miscarriage (typically 3 or more sequential miscarriages) is both physically and emotionally painful, and is a subject often taken lightly by those who have never experienced the devastation of pregnancy loss themselves.

Recurrent miscarriage brings with it not onlyt he cumulative grief of multiple baby-losses, but also dealing with various fears (e.g. What if I just keep on miscarrying? What if I run out of time? What if I can't have kids? What if the next surgery ruins my fertility for good? What if my partner gives up on me and leaves? What if I lose my job because I've had so much time off work? What if this is punishment for something I've done? etc etc). Multiple and recurrent miscarriage can have devasting effects on a woman's self-esteem and her self image. Many such women begin to hate their bodies. There may also be medical implications - perhaps as a result of any one of the miscarriages, or perhaps there's a medical cause of the miscarriages (some of which can have life-long health implications). Life is put on hold whilst pregnant or trying to conceive, as women try to make sure they do everything 'right' the next time, and guilt always lingers just below the surface. To add insult to injury, many sufferers of recurrent miscarriage also have difficulties conceiving. Imagine the joy of getting that positive pregnancy test after 12 or 18 months of desperately trying, only to have it all so cruelly taken away from you some weeks or months later - time after time after time.

Many couples remain undiagnosed - their doctors can find no viable reason why they continue to lose pregnancy after pregnancy. Time and research can hopefully one day assist in a breakthrough in reproductive endocrinology, and give some resolution to the thousands of couples whose burning questions remain unanswered.

In the meantime, we should provide a support network and source of recognition for all of the grieving parents and grandparents, and for the innocent babies who have gone on to be with God before ever feeling their parents arms.

1. www.nationalshare.org