Not really getting very far I fear on this cause!

Sorry peeps, i just have too many health issues to continue this cause at this time! Any one care to help on this one? Would appreciate it! As I can't see closing it own! We need to help in every way possible! Let me know thx anita

(no subject)

Sorry I haven't been keeping up on my cause :( Alot going on in my life! BUt its time to tell people about Lyme! In any way that you can! I purchase the rubber bands from Calda and where them all the time and give them away to people that will wear them. To…Read More

Class action lawsuit for Lymies!

Considering the recent developments revealed about testing for Lyme in Canada, a lawyer who had been contacted by a victim, and who has been following things for some time is now quite interested in looking into a class action again. He has set up an email…Read More

May is......

Hey every one may is Lyme disease awareness month! lets talk about it and let people know that this is a scary disease and there are ways of prevention! Tell everyone..........No tall grasses and if you must tuck your pants into your socks and spray deet on…Read More

Igive! Please read!

Here is how you can make a big difference to CanLyme... this is from the founder of who we have been registered with for some time now. They'll give us a dollar for every person who simply joins igive... no cost just your time. Please pass this on…Read More

This is not Lyme related but none the less very important! Please read!!!!

I apologize because I know this is not Lyme related but I don't know where else to turn. One of my distant cousins has NYPHRODIC SYNDROME and if they can't control it, he will die. He is just a baby and has been struggling with kidney failure almost…Read More

Please vote for Under Our Skin

Regarding the film Under Our Skin. It is changing the face of Lyme disease in North America.....we need at least 250 votes to have the possibility to rank the film among the "Best Documentaries" of all time. This will be a great PR coup as we enter Oscar…Read More
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