Love your Mother earth, an invitation =)

Atenista! CWTS-V is inviting you this coming Wednesday, February 24,2010, 3:30 pm, AVR1. We will be having a program in connection with the current issues regarding our environment today There will be surprises and it'll be fun =) you wont be bored =) Out of…Read More


1. Compost kitchen scraps and yard waste. 2. Maintain and repair durable products. 3. Let your apartment-dwelling friends use your composter. 4. Compost the coffee grounds and tea bags from work; take them home if you don't have a composter at work. 5. Take…Read More

please join here some time :) (follow or copy paste the link) please do visit and join:) we will wait for you ^_^


 ANNOUNCEMENT: For this week, our group needs 400 recruits. This is our quota for our NSTP campaign. Your help in recruiting would really be appreciated.   Asilla Gaid Cause Admin
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