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1. Compost kitchen scraps and yard waste.
2. Maintain and repair durable products.
3. Let your apartment-dwelling friends use your composter.
4. Compost the coffee grounds and tea bags from work; take them home if you don't have a composter at work.
5. Take your own shopping bag to the grocery store.
6. Write school or business notes on the back of scrap paper.
7. Choose cloth diapers over disposable.
8. Purchase reusable razors instead of disposables.
9. Go to garage sales for all your household needs, rather than buying things new.
10. Use a thermos in your lunch rather than drinking boxes or bop bottles.
11. Take a lunch box instead of bags. Also, take the container to the sandwich shop and have them put in your sandwich straight into the box.
12. Recycle your fine paper at the office and at home.
13. When buying fruits and vegetable at the grocery store, instead of those little plastic bags, bring one bag to put them all in. Separate them at the check-out counter.
14. Use garbage can instead of garbage bags. If you are composting your wet garbage, this needn't be a problem.
15. Take your own mug to the coffee shop.
16. Draft letters and reports directly onto the computer; skip the paper step.
17. Photocopy on both sides of the paper.
18. Keep some scrap paper by your printer to print out draft copies.
19. Shop at the bulk food store and bring your own plastic containers and bags.
20. Take the egg cartons back to the farmer - some local stores take them too.
21. Repair appliances rather than buying new ones. Check your Yellow Pages for repairs.
22. Use plastic shopping bags as kitchen catchers.
23. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables; they are less often pre-packaged in the grocery store.
24. Wrap gifts in newspaper, magazines (ads are great - very colourful) or old posters; not expensive wrapping paper.
25. Use cloth napkins, not paper ones; it's cheaper and more elegant. Add a little class to your life.
26. Clean out your basement or attic and have a yard sale, or donate it to a community group sale.
27. Use rags for clean-up, not paper towels.
28. Use cereal boxes and milk cartons for garbage. See of you can go for a week without using a garbage can.
29. Take your used motor oil to a service centre that collects it. Many do, just call.
30. Buy re-fined motor oil.
31. Reuse envelopes by putting labels over the old labels.
32. Reuse file folders by putting labels over the old labels.
33. Keep a couple of bags in your car or purse for those unplanned purchases.
34. If you have to use aluminium pie plates, reuse them or give them to a local daycare or school.
35. Buy recycled toilet paper and tissues.
36. When wrapping gifts, use string instead of tape; the string is cheaper and can be reused.
37. Buy rechargeable batteries and rechargeable fire extinguishers.
38. University and college students: don't buy all the textbooks on your list, use the school library.
39. Buy recycled paper, photocopy on recycled paper, support businesses that use recycled paper.
40. Reupholster an old sofa rather than buy a new one.
41. Buy products in recyclable, or better yet, refillable containers.
42. Shop at used book stores and use the library instead of buying new books.
43. Buy a potted Christmas tree that will live year after year, or an imitation tree, or string lights on your largest cactus and have a true "felliz navidad".
44. Take wire coat hangers back to the dry cleaners.
45. Share magazines with a friend or donate them to the hospital or doctors office.
46. Instead of buying new toys for your children,, encourage them to make things. It will be good for the environment and great for their creative minds.
47. Spend a little more to buy durable products that will last and save you money in the long run.
48. Donate unwanted clothes and household goods to the local thrift store (or local church), and shop there.
49. Place a PET bottle filled with water in the tank of your toilet. This will reduce the amount of water used per flush by the volume of water the PET bottle contains.

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