Help fight hunger

Dear cause members, We would like to reach out to you to tell you about another opportunity to fight hunger. During Kraft’s Huddle to Fight Hunger, Kraft will donate a meal to Feeding America. Have an extra 30 seconds in your day? “Like” the Kraft Huddle to…Read More

Message from Board's Desk- Touch Public Charitable Trust

It’s flick much faster than a digital lens, our eyes capture a lot of images, information, sights, some good, pleasurable, pleasing, some informative others disturbing, displeasing and unwanted. A nice sight surely would effortlessly make our face bloom with…Read More

Progress in building India's Largest Orphan age & Oldage Home

To create more awareness and to help the most needed ones, we have started our campaigns in engineering colleges we have tied up with 140 engineering colleges across Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh…. We want each trust member who has joined the cause to help us…Read More


This unique Trust "Touch Public " is an outcome of a few likeminded young corporate whose sole desire is to add value to the society and to lend a helping hand by implementing our innovative humble thoughts through this Trust into building a bridge between…Read More
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