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Help Raise Money for Special Olympics!

Hello fans of Special Olympics,

As we head full steam into the fall season we'd like to make you aware of a couple easy ways YOU can help raise money for Special Olympics within the activities you do every day.

You can now raise money for Special Olympics every time you search a term on the Internet! Just go to the link below and download the Causes Search toolbar and once it's installed, select "Special Olympics" as your cause. You even get to see a running tally of the money you've raised! It's that easy! Here's the link:

Do you buy or sell stuff on eBay? From September 21-27 when you buy stuff on eBay you can select the "Donate $1.00 to Special Olympics" option at checkout to help raise money. Also, as an ongoing promotion with eBay, whenever you buy or sell stuff on eBay you can donate 10-100% of the final sale price to Special Olympics. You’ll get a tax deduction and a credit on your eBay selling fees and we will get a donation. You can also buy items listed on eBay to benefit Special Olympics at Check out our website for more information:

Thanks again for being a fan of Special Olympics!

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