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Hello fans of Special Olympics,

Thanks to those of you who have been creating birthday wishes for Special Olympics and those supporting our efforts in America's Giving Challenge!

There are still two weeks left in the $50,000 Giving Challenge so please continue to spread the word and donate to Special Olympics to help us in the Challenge!

We also have many other great people involved with Special Olympics that need your help with a simple online vote.

TODAY (Oct 22) is the LAST day to Vote for Special Olympics coach LaToya Marsh as Glamour Magazine's 2009 Woman of Your Year! Please go vote now! Share the link!

Voting continues for Andrew Marsh's Open Water Swim in the Tiburon Mile as the best open water swim of 2009! Vote for Andrew and send the link to all your friends!

Please also go vote for this awesome “Aha!” moment from Special Olympics Montana coach Jess Rago! If she finishes in the top 10 of voting, her "Aha!" moment will be included in an ad campaign for Mutual of Omaha and will help raise awareness about the abilities of our amazing Special Olympics athletes! So vote now and SHARE the link!

Thanks for being a fan of Special Olympics!

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