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We are growing

I am so amazed but the love that is out there for this cause .. Your support for my self my son and all of you whom have joined is wonderful .. I must admit when I started this cause I didn't think it would reach the level it has or touched everyone in different ways .. Thank you .. I will tell you my son is still not healed and his shoulder is permantly damaged from what was done to him out of ignorance or fear... still that is no excuse . As his mom its horrible to watch him struggle with an arm that does not work the way it should , but he tries everyday to put it behind him yet I can see it in his eyes that the nightmares and the reliving of the event are still there , he is going to therapy and trying to move past it ... yet its hard and know that all of you who have joined and support him are helping ... yes its hard to watch your 22 yr old become dependant on you agian and as a single mom with one income its not easy but we are getting by ... so for any of you out there that feel less empowered by who you are please dont live your life find your love and no that one day this will all be history and you will stand in this life with all the rights straight ppl have ... that is my dream and I believe in the power of positive thought ... Stay strong don't hide be who you were meant to be together we will continue to fight the ignorance the world has to offer from here in Canada to the USA and all over the world ... Our voice will be heard one day and we are not going away ... Always Deborah

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