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My Apologies

I am very sorry if I have offended any member that has joined this cause by non intentionally insuating that this is a choice life style , when I know in my heart and soul that is not the case what so ever. I know that you were all born this way its genetics and not a choice !!! Does that make you any less of a person NO does that mean you have to endure what you do on a daily basis NO ! I have never meant any of my posts to imply that you have chosen this lifestyle and for that I am truly sorry to all of you that feel that way. My son was BORN Gay and I don't care he is my son and love him to death ... So if you have thought that anything that I have said is misleading or rude I do apologize to you all ... If not for all you who have joined this cause there wouldn't be the support for one another or connections made through out the world for all of us to talk and feel we do have a place here to tell our stories and no that there are ppl out there that care truly for what you deserve in this life and Love you no matter what ... Always Deborah

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