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Today ...

Each day I come and read the posts and responses to my bullentins , and I must say thank you to each of you for the honesty the campassion the tears and the fight you each have in you. There are stories posted here that bring tears to my eyes , and ones that fill me full of hope and pride , there will be a day when we are just ppl and not a tiltle or stereo type ... I know for some of you its hard to tell your stories here and some you are just out there and proud , thank you for your honesty and sharing and caring enough about this cause to help keep it growing and moving forward.... No day is an easy one for any of us as a parent or the Gay individual but together we will make the difference we want ... what we want is to be accepted and we will ... believe in your self and reach for the stars they out there for you to grasp and never let anyone tell you your not worth it because you are and always will be ... Smile today at the ignorant walk tall today for who you are , and dream big .... Hold onto to who you are because your amazing .... Always Deborah

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