Deforestation is happening at an alarming rate. To stop or even slow it, we need to share ideas, co-ordinate activities and form effective partnerships. This way, we can generate maximum support.

The Prince’s Charities is a group of not-for-profit organisations of which The Prince of Wales is President: 18 of the 20 charities were founded personally by The Prince.

The group is the largest multi-cause charitable enterprise in the United Kingdom, raising over £100 million annually.

The organisations are active across a broad range of areas including opportunity and enterprise, the built environment, responsible business, and education.

Additionally, six social enterprises make a significant contribution towards raising money for the charities.

The charities reflect The Prince of Wales’s long-term and innovative perspective, and seek to address areas of previously unmet need.

1. http://www.rainforestsos.org/

2. http://princescharities.org/princes-rainforests-project