Videos on our home page!

Hail Christ and peace brethren! To help to try and encourage us to greater efforts for our cause I have placed some videos onto our home page feel free to have a look... to get in touch, I'm looking for people to use two hours a week in voluntary work to…Read More


Hail Christ and peace brethren: We just want to welcome all who have joined recently and encourag people to invite those you know who feel as we feel in terms of resisting Islamic aggression in a far more robust fashion than would be allowed by liberal…Read More

The New Crusader Movement

Hail Christ: Peace brothers and sisters, the third copy of the New Crusader Movement news letter is going to be coming out soon, and we are open to submissions, if you would like to write an artical for the news letter then please let us know... have you…Read More

Crusader tract 3

Hail Christ, and peace brethren: I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend... I have placed a new Crusader Tract on the wall, for those that are or might become involved in Evangelising to Moslems, a true expression of the New Crusade. PLease help…Read More

We held a protest on Easter Sunday at Canterbury Cathedral

Peace brothers and sisters... just to let you know, we recently held a protest at canterbury cathedral against the appalling comments made by the Archbishop of Canterbury, his grace Dr Rowan Williams, (or is it Rowena) about the Sharia law of Islam; and his…Read More

Second edition of newsletter released soon, and other opportunities!

Hail Christ and peace brethren: As you know we launched our news letter at the end of last year and our second release will be coming out at Easter... We will also be releasing polemical and apologetical tracts with this news letter, one a month for as long…Read More

issue 2 of The New Crusader Movement news letter coming out

Hail Christ! Peace Brethren... we approach lent I just wanna give you the heads up...we will be releasing issue two of the new crudader movement news get your copy subscribe by sending an email (a forwarding account or otherwise) to…Read More
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