Following the deaths of our friends Richard Smyth, his assistant manager Chris, Les Dunlop, my own ex-wife Nicky Carter (nee Lynch) was hijacked and held hostage at a shopping mall. This totals fourteen people in my life that were shot, raped, robbed or hijacked. One was my wife, two were my cousins and one was my aunt who dies six weeks later from shock aged 83. This has made me all the more determined to come up with a solution that allows one to protect oneself and hit back against criminals. The hitting back is like shutting the stable door after the horse bolted. But, I'm working on putting together a fund to provide for costs of investigations and rewards for arresting officers. It is not easy getting this right. It appears to be a sensitive subject nobody wants to handle. However prevention is better than cure. But rather than stay at home ruefully thinking about where to find good entertainment without risks of hijacking, I thought of a members only club limited to people we know. We joined up with Chartwell residents and bought a patrol car to police the area and provide our own immediate armed response. We will have thirty-six cameras to monitor the perimeter, car park & club. The next layer of safety is no cash is accepted on the premises, so there are fewer motives for en-premises robbery. Purchases are through the members' account and charged by EFT only. Lastly members carry responsibility for members they introduce, so we are all known. We open October. There's jazz on Sundays, wine club, whiskey and brandy tastings during the week to look forward to, Gymkhana, wall climbing, abseiling, SCUBA and fishing to look forward to. Help make this club the haven of your family and friends. See Pictures at Chartwell Country Club on FB and please apply for membership, then ask your friends to do likewise. I’d appreciate it if you would copy and send your membership recommendations from FB to [email protected] so we can keep track of who recommended whom. Regards Nick

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