Boycott Sochi 2014 WINTER GAMES!

Russia does not have moral rights to host 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, because Olympic Games are Symbol of Peace and Democracy. Russia is Sponsoring Ethnic Cleansing and in Violation of International Law. Russia does not respect Territorial Integrity of its Neighbors and simply does not even Respects its own Citizens. Russia does not care about Human and Civil Rights!

1. Russia has no moral rights to Host Olympics!

2. Olympics are symbol of Peace, it's contradictory for a country that sponsors eathnic cleansing to host Olympics in just 20 Kilometers from Georgia!

3. The Olympic Games is proudest and most prestigious event, Russia doesn't deserve to be proud of itself, for what it's doing in Region or Worldwide!

4. Russia can't use Georgian Soil (Abkhazia) for providing infrastructure and logistic support for Olympics without permission of Georgian Gov.

5. Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) shall return to Abkhazia and Samachablo ( S.C. South Ossetia ) according UN Resolution