Honoring Mothers

For 30 years, the Mothers at MADD have made our roads safer, helped parents protect their kids from drinking underage, and consoled those left behind when tragedy strikes. If you know an amazing Mother, honor her this week by replacing your profile picture…Read More

Sentencing Today

The defendent in our case received 7 years today. I hope that this teaches a lesson to those who think you can drink, drive, and kill someone. It does not go unpunished. Thanks to all for supporting this cause. NOW LET'S WALK LIKE MADD!! Sincerely, Tammi…Read More

We have reached 500 members!

Thank you to every one who has joined this cause! You will never know how much it means to me that you would come on board with this!! One person cannot change things...but those of us that band together can change the world! On a side note, the driver who…Read More

Need More Recruits!

 Hi everyone! I know that people have been passing this cause and video along, and I would like to thank you all for doing that. I would also like to ask one more thing of you....would you please try to recruit just five people? Many of you have already…Read More

Why I am Here...

 I am here because I lost my son to a drunk driver. He was 18 years, 9 months, and 11 days. He had a lifetime to live, but it was cut too short for us. I am not asking anyone to stop drinking. I am asking that when you do drink, you do so responsibly. Drunk…Read More


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