All-time low for the right: Shouting the n-word outside of an elementary school Obama was visiting


Today, President Barack Obama flew into Dobbins Airforce Base ( near Atlanta to speak at the College Heights Early Learning Center ( in the relatively sleepy suburb of Decatur, GA.

The school is renowned for it's quality education. While visiting with students, parents, and administrators, Obama gave a speech where he praised the value of early education. ( This is all common-sense stuff except to those pushing starve-the-beast austerity type measures that hurt the underprivileged and disenfranchised.

The highlight of the trip, though, was the right reaching an all time low... by shouting racial epithets outside of an elementary school!

It's apparent to everyone by now that the so-called Tea Party will protest anything that Obama supports. Education for young child? Protest! So perhaps it wasn't surprising that  a sizable crowd formed in protest. ( The signs featured are the usual hodge-podge of illiteracy and ignorance. However, what happened at the end of the engagement is what should really turn your stomach.

As Obama was prepared to leave, the protesters, riled up by a speaker with a megaphone, began to shout epithets at our Commander-in-Chief.

"You're a [n-word]!" one shouted.

"Go back to Kenya!"

Never mind that there were children there, being exposed to the hate, bigotry and ignorance that the American right has to offer. The administrators scrambled to shoo the children away, though undoubtedly some had heard the hurtful words that they were shouting.

I have a couple of sources at the engagement and I am working to get more information. To my knowledge, no one was arrested, though several people were trespassed off of the property. As I hear from the school coordinator and a friend who attended the event, I will update this diary with more information.


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