Where did the $10 Billion US Aid to Pakistan go?

There are many misconceptions about Pakistan’s economy which have been either created deliberately or the outcomes of ignorance. One of the misconceptions is about $10 billion “assistance” from the United States. Critiques within and outside Pakistan have…Read More

Establishment of American Quick Reaction Force!

Salam! امریکی کانگریس کے 2011بجٹ دستاویز کے مطابق امریکی حکومت نے 23ملین ڈالر پاکستان میں سفارت خانے اور کونسلیٹ کی حفاظت کے نام پر پاکستان میں فوج اتارنے کیلئے مختص کر رکھے ہیں ، جس کا نام ''کوئیک ری ایکشن فورس'' رکھا گیا ہے۔ یہ فوج'' سفارت خانے سے باہر…Read More

The Americans never leave unless they are kicked out!

U.S. Envisions a Continuing Civilian Presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan The Obama administration’s ambitious civilian push in Pakistan and Afghanistan will keep thousands of Americans in those countries for years — rebuilding Afghan agriculture, rooting…Read More

CONGRATULATIONS friends!! Crossing the mark of "5000"

CONGRATULATIONS friends!! We have reached another milestone, crossing the mark of "5000" members and still going strong!! We are the biggest cause against the Blackwater in Pakistan! Happy to share that..! Here is the opportunity for 5000+ minds to spread…Read More

AfPak Policy or Death Warrant for Pakistan? | Drone attacks on Pakistani cities!

News AfPak policy confirms Drone attacks on Pakistani cities! Follow the link below for complete article by M. Mansoor Ali Ansari http://www.articlesbase.com/politics-articles/afpak-policy-or-death-warrant-for-pakistan-1535078.html The clear intention of…Read More

Blackwater launching missions from Karachi..!!

* US paper says Blackwater assisting CIA in assassinations of Taliban, Al Qaeda operatives, ‘sensitive action inside, outside Pakistan’ * Blackwater’s help to secret US military drone attacks runs parallel to well-documented CIA predator strikes Daily Times…Read More

Newsletter | Arrogant US and the Pakistani Response

Can Mrs. Clinton Control CIA In Afghanistan? Two years ago, when isolated reports in the Pakistani media accused the United States of playing a double game in Afghanistan, most commentators dismissed them as conspiracy theories and kneejerk anti-Americanism.…Read More
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