tried to put pics up

I have new pics up on my fb page... for some reason I can not get them to post here...

new pics of thw kids

I tried to post new pics here on causes but for some reason they just disapear, so I have them posted on my page.... these are some of the kids you are reaching out to. Thank you for all your help and support.... Joe

Just wanted to remind everyone

 Hi all, Just wanted to remind everyone, $3.00 feeds a child for about a month, in this city there are about 1000 more children going without food today, if you can send $3 via paypal we can feed one more... paypal address is [email protected]   Joe…Read More

thank you all for your support, if you saw cnn this week they did a story on the starving children in Guatemala. if you can help please see our links to paypal and pure answer ministries...

    Joe Bellefeuille Jr Cause Creator


just a note to let you know there are no charges if you send your paypal as a gift... this is fast and gives you and us a record of you transaction....
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