New page on facebook

Hi All, as we move closer to trial , I have set up a new facebook page for everyone to join. Please move across as this will be the main page for the Gunns 20 trial from now on: thanks again for your…Read More

Help with the Gunns20 case

The Huon Valley Environment Centre (HVEC) is embarking on one of its largest campaigns ever. Starting on the 2nd Feb 2010, the HVEC will be defending itself from a legal attack by Gunns Ltd in a Victorian Supreme Court trial, as part of the Gunns20 case. For…Read More

Gunns on the attack

MEDIA RELEASE Wednesday, 11 April 2008 Barrister for Gunns20 defendants, Michael Gronow, said yesterday in the Supreme Court of Victoria that Gunns’ application was “oppressive and a complete waste of time and should not have been brought”. Gunns’ had…Read More

Gunn 13

Friday saw the Gunns case shrink to 13, as Simon Brown exited the case. After agreeing to undertakings from Gunns, he left without any costs. I would say that 13 left is unlucky for Gunns, as a core group continues to take a stand for free speech and the…Read More
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