plz help

hi guys, please add more people to the cause, it has been a hill to climb, but id like to make a difference in all thes animals lives. regards xoxoox

thank you

thank you everyone for inviting your friends to join. means alot to me. regards

please help invite more people

We hear about animal cruelty, We see what many human beings are doing to our animals, Yet these animals cannot complain or talk to anyone about what is happening to them, That is why we need as many people on board for this so we can raise funds to help as…Read More


 Since i created this cause 106 people have joined, i just want to say thank you for everyone and please keep adding people. together we going to make a difference. will keep everyone updated.   Chantell Wagenaar Cause Creator

Thank you

To the starting people who joined, i would just like to say thank you, please invite more poeple so we can really make a difference


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