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What have we achieved so far and recommendation for next FJC group to report?

What we achieved so far:
• The original FJC group with over 7,000 members has been closed.
• Copy-cat FJC group lead by the original creator, Timothy Call. Now closed.
• FJC group lead by Andre Lessard (originally on our reporting agenda) now closed
• A third FJC group had its Admin removed.

FJC groups current strategy:
The Admins of these FJC groups have devised a way and attempt to overcome us and call this the “Streisand effect”, where they open multiple groups for each one that gets closed. This move will further destroy their strategy as they are now spread out in groups that are harder to control and maintain, they lack dynamics and interest for their members. “a house divided cannot stand”.

Our current Strategy:
In contrast, we remain United and focused under the one leadership of Jesus Christ. The name above all names, “My King”. Let us continue to pursue one group at a time, we will identify and place the link here for all to report until that group also falls like the walls of Jericho.
The next group to be reported is the one that has its Admin removed, let us finish the job.

The group to report NOW (important we do this together around the same time)
Below is link to be report. Once you arrive at the page, go to bottom left of page, click report, select “hate speech” and on drop down select “religious group”. This is the link
Please note on the wall when you have reported so that we can see the progress and reporting activity.

FJC groups closed so far:
1. Group originally created by Timothy Call who then left the group and was then lead by John Craig, members over 7,000. Closed April 2010. Original link (will not work now as its closed)!/group.php?gid=66641135394&ref=search&sid=100000894801724.3229564978..1
2. Copy-cat group that had its name changed into FJC by Timothy Call. Closed approx 22nd Sept10. Original link
3. FJC group created by Andre Lessard. X-admin of the original FJC group. Closed approx 22nd Sept10. Original link

Thank you for the zeal you have shown for our King “Jesus Christ”.
You have made a difference!


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