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Truly Jesus Christ is truly alive.

For everyone who dose not know i was diagnose with a multiple hepatic hemangioma. Biggest was 10.6cm x 9.8cm x 7.6cm {as big as your fist close} and it was 5-7pcs of them. A few months back the doctor wants to removed it since it grew bigger is short period of time.
I had no means of income since i left my job. My wife provided for everything while i do the praying. Tons of jobs was done for the Lord being truly active with him, counseling, helping the needy, visiting the sick, giving communion on anticipated mass and a lot more. Was very very happy with the Lord.
Then this multiple hepatic hemangioma happened. A big blow on me, cause i thought am indistructable since i was with the Lord. When you are with the Lord who can be against you. Why me Lord am your faithful worker. I go to mass daily, spread your good news etc etc. I even wrote in our bulletin what was happening with me being your administrator.

Slowly i questioned him, who would pay for may operation, where will i get the money to pay for my operation, will i survive my operation since its a new procedure, and many more. Frankly
DOUBT was there to defeat FAITH.if ever i had the money for operation will the evil prevaile since he knew am a active worker for the Lord and i am a very good target. How am i going to fight this predicament. So what is the best thing to do.


Today is my 1st day out of the hospital. I stayed in the Hospital 7 days. My operation took 12 hours to remove my liver. 60% was removed and they said it would regenerate. 516 grams more than 1/2 kilograms of liver was remove.

Now you tell me, how good the Lord is. Payments was made by my family, brother sister, wife and daugther. Spritual was my parish priest who prepared me before and after operation. During operation special mass said by my prayer community.

Now still having doubts. Just leave everything to the Lord and he would take care of the rest no matter how difficut or hard it is.
Got a lot of stories to write will be active again. Thanks for hanging on to our site and prayers.
Your Brother in Christ,
Bro Carlos L. Maceda
Creator/ Administrator
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