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Congratulations! it's day 7, original FJC group still not visible

On the 22nd of April, operation Jericho was activated by our members. On the 9th of June FJC group had over 7,000 members and was no longer visible. It is now the 7th days since the FJC group was last seen. As the walls of Jericho fell on the 7th day, so we offer praise to the Lord for his mighty power in causing the blasphemous and hateful group to be closed down.

Thank you to each member who joined in zeal for the Lord’s name, we are mighty when we are united under Jesus Christ and in love and prayer conducting our words and actions for His glory. Congratulations to each and every member of our groups.

Please continue to PRAY FOR THEIR SALVATION and report the copy-cat group that is found under the following link, this is the group with Timothy Call as creator, (he was also creator of the original FJC group but had left them due to conflict and when they were closed down he renamed his current group to FJC) go to bottom left of page and click report and select "Hate speech"

We are two powerful groups united under Jesus Christ, our first is found under causes "REMOVE "f**k Jesus Christ" in Facebook" and there are 434,705 members link is, the second is under groups "Christians United - Remove facebook group "F*** Jesus Christ" and there are 14,151 members link is May each group be blessed and multiply for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

To you, our brothers and sisters, YOU have made a difference, thank you on behalf of the Admins and officers, Yours in Christ, Nabil.

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