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On March 6th, Stand Out for Equality!

Every day, nearly one third of US students report being involved in bullying--as a bully, a target of bullying, or both. The number one reason given for bullying students? They "don't fit in."

We all know what it's like not to fit in. And when LGBT youth are bullied for being who they are, their success in school, their mental health, and their physical safety are all threatened.

Basic Rights Oregon Day of Action at the Capitol -- register today!

Join hundreds of fair-minded Oregonians on Friday, March 6th, to stand out for equality in Salem. We'll stand up for LGBT youth when we rally on the Capitol steps, and when we lobby legislators to strengthen Oregon's anti-bullying law.

Stand out for equality -- register today!

In 2005, we stood strong outside the Capitol for months, demanding a vote on anti-discrimination and relationship recognition laws.

In 2007, we stood up for our right to live, work, and care for our families free from the sting of discrimination. And our victories made history.

In 2009, let's stand up for LGBT youth and stand out for equality.

Join BRO's Day of Action at the Capitol -- register today!

Once every two years, Basic Rights Oregon brings together LGBT and allied Oregonians from across the state. This year we'll join together to make sure the next generation of LGBT youth can live safe and healthy lives. It's an opportunity to make a difference that will last a lifetime.


Aubrey Harrisson
Field Organizer
Basic Rights Oregon

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