supermarkets rip off farmers !!!

lets stop these crazy prices for milk at the supermarkets, they say they are cutting the costs but for how long? it will end up being passed on to the farmers. they are destroying competition in the industry many farmers will not survive if they get a lower…Read More

1000 members !!!!

Wow i would like to thank everyone for joining this cause !! we have reached 1000 members, please keep this going ask your friends to join, there is power in numbers who knows what we can achieve...... The Dairy industry is going through trying times, but we…Read More

Help the Dairy Farmers Survive

Hi all members, we need to get more people to join this cause to raise awareness of the fact that everyday dairy farmers are leaving the industry. High feed costs and low milk payments are sending farmers to the wall. In a few years we will be importing milk…Read More


 Thanks everyone for supporting this cause, we need to make people aware of how little us dairy farmers get paid compared to the price of milk in supermarkets. We work our butts off for little or no return. Every week farmers are leaving the land as they cant…Read More
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