Be Aware.

My friend Raquel Roman came across this documentary by Rebecca Sommer on You Tube about this Asian ethnic group that live in Laos called the Hmong. And during Vietnam War, the Hmong helped the United States CIA and helped get our prisoners out of their when they were captured. Now 30 years later, the Hmong People in Laos are still being hunted and killed viciously by the government of Laos even though it was their grandparents and great grandparents that had done this. Innocent children are being killed! The Hmong people are living in the Jungle of Laos and are forced to move every two weeks in fear of being found by the Laos soldiers. They run to seek help in Thailand and are getting captured there as well. These people go to sleep each night praying the next day will be another day they live. They feel Betrayed by us. They helped us when we needed them. And now that they need help, we are too busy worrying about Britney Spears shaving her head bald or Paris Hilton going to Jail. My friend and i had to find this on Youtube. Why can't i just pick up the Newspaper to find this out? Or see it on CNN? Why isn't anybody noticing these people. Where is the media when we need them the most? Darfur and Rwanda aren't the only major Genocides going on in the world today.

here is the link of this documentary by Rebecca Sommers.....

1. Be Aware of the Hmong!

2. Get the refugees out of there!

3. Stop the Laotian Government from hunting the Hmong!

4. Show everybody you know this subject. Get it noticed!