Back to Crib Point is not a Boral Bitumen Pit

Boral Permit has now Expired.

I would like to thank everyone for there support. I am glad that no action was required like picket lines and the like for this poor judgment on Justin Madden's behalf.

Let us hope that nothing like this crops up in future and that all industrial types see the benefit of proposing developments like this around the new port development area in Hastings (especially now that Westernport Steel is being reduced to a Skeleton Crew.

I am pleased to that atleast for now we won't have a scenario where bikes (kids), cars, horses and other vehicles along the delivery route (down through Hastings, past the new Bunnings, Down Frankston Flinders rd past busy intercections at Reid Prd and Stony Point Rds, Down Stony Point Rd and Along Through Woolleys Rd to Woolleys Foreshore) will not have to contend with 22 Truck movements per day and the residents from Stony Point and Woolleys Rds will not have to put up with the noise and emmisions expelled by the trucks and the plant itself.

If only we could now get ESSO (namely derelict silos and unused pipes - some are still used but may not be after port development) to clean up the mess that they have left behind from days gone by in that area like all industries should be compelled to do we might have some really nice usable land for bike tracks, trees, gardens and a submarine.

Thankyou all again and enjoy the beach, fishing and shaded BBQ facilities down the Woollies Forshore.



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