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This is an article which can demontrate the dangers of a Ashphalt / Bitumen when it spills and IT DOES spill. This is an article from America and I will be posting another one from QLD that happened in 2008. Atleast the American's were smart enough to put the storage facility in an industrial district. The question is are Aussie Pollies that smart ?

The quote that worries me is
'She said people near the area are used to living around refineries and factories, and accidents like these aren't uncommon.'

We don't have to think back to far. In recent times BHP caught fire and more recently Ingams. In a time of cost cutting. These incidents become more previlent and with a 2.5 Billion Dollar Deficite this will be happening more than ever.

Marty Berryman
Mlm Liquid Asphalt Sparks Industrial Fire - Detroit Local News Story - WDIV Detroit ( Why this link matters to the cause:
Fortunately this one was no where near a bush community. We on the other hand are not so lucky.

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