In the spirit of the Oleo Strut, Under The Hood is a place for soldiers to meet and unwind. Under The Hood needs your donations and support!

Under the Hood Outreach Center and Café in Killeen needs your support. The Center opened in February as a space for service members and their families to socialize, exchange information, and access services such as GI Rights counseling. With new soldiers arriving daily, we have the opportunity to build this community and continue giving a voice to those in need.
We cannot do this alone. In order to keep this free speech zone open and viable, we need your help.

1. Under the Hood is the culmination of months of work by veterans and their allies.

2. Fort Hood GIs and their families, devastated by repeated deployments, find the center to be a refuge for free speech.

3. Recently, the center has been a great source of support for soldiers who are resisting deployment to Afghanistan.

4. Fort Hood Support Network is a Texas non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

5. You can make a single donation or set up a recurring donation at www.underthehoodcafe.org