Full again

Hi all. The Highland County Pound is beyond full. We are praying for a big day tomorrow, 10-2. Please help spread the word or pray that some of these guys will get a second chance tomorrow. Some are safe for a week, some are not. Remember, we are up on…Read More

This week

This is a quick reminder to everyone: if you know of anyone looking for a new companion, please let me know asap. We've had a busy intake week or two at the pound and it's catching up with us. Time is limited so send me a message if you're…Read More

Thank you

I would just like to thank everyone for their support. We've had a really good week with adoptions after 2 or 3 really bad weeks. I'd like to think the progress is partially due to all you guys helping to get the word out. Tomorrow is our adoption hours, 10…Read More
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