New September Campaign videos from charity: water.

Our fifth anniversary September Campaign ( is underway and we need your help! This year, we're funding a brand new drilling rig ( that can bring clean water to 40,000 more people each year…Read More

Fav episode.

I was just wondering what is your favorite episode? Mine is yellow fever from season 4, the one where Dean is infected with fear. Plus it also includes him singing the eye of the tiger. Whats yours?

Watch series 5 online x

I am currently watching series 5 online. Although UK Living will show series 5 early next year, I cant wait so I have been watching it on line. If your interested try the following link Hope you enjoy x

Supernatural season 5 t be shwn in uk

After scouring the internet for news, I found what I was looking for. It has been announced that season 5 has been bought by living TV. They are currently showing season 1 and it is rumored that they wont wait until they have shown all the previous…Read More

Please sign this petition

There is also another petion you can sign at Please sign it if you can.


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