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The latest at Aniz

In just a few weeks, we have gone to just a handful of supporters to over a hundred and are steadily growing. Thanks to all of you who have joined Aniz and our Cause to further our vision of reducing HIV/AIDS in our community and its spread to the next generation.

Today is a special day for Aniz. We will have our first session of the program Reaching Out to Sisters with HIV/AIDS (ROSHA). This is a program that has been partially funded by the Ms. Foundation. The programs' purpose is to empower HIV positive women to be come change agents within their communities and advocate for resources to reduce the risk for HIV for other women.

We are also gearing up for our annual Holiday party. For the past 8 years, Aniz has provided toys, food, and fun for kids in metropolitan Atlanta. Given the current economic situation, we are planning to try to serve over 1000 kids this holiday period.

These are just a couple of activities we do to create healthier and stronger communities. You have taken a great step in joining our Cause. Please take another step and donate $5, $10 or whatever you desire to help support efforts such as those above. We have signed up for America's Giving Challenge. The two agencies that has the greatest number of members who donate (regardless of amounts) will receive an additional $1000 or $500 dollars until Nov. 6th.

Although the America's Giving Challenge is a wonderful way to spur donations, any donation at any time will be greatly appreciated.

And now that you have joined are Cause, please also take the time to join the Aniz Facebook Fan page to follow our activities at Keep up-to-date with the latest news regarding Aniz and HIV/AIDS on Twitter (@Aniz_Inc)

Thank you

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