Fundaiser deadline... 3 DAYS!!

Plz guys I want to really try and raise some money for this. We need to support young artists who, at this moment, are purely interested in performing for the sheer enjoyment of entertaining. Which is hard to make a life style in if you have ever done it.…Read More


Another band which has been around for awhile is out and about. They are called Brenn. They are an original sound mixing smooth guitar licks with intense piano and drum lines. check em out! Especially if you are on Winthrop campus. They are playin here tom.…Read More

Found a few!!

There is a great Canadian band called "Shelter with Thieves" that I believe (if ur into punk metal) people shud take notice of them. They have a unique metal/punk sound. Next is a band from Boston Mass. called "Baby Strange". This group has an indie/soul rock…Read More


Just a reminder that this is actually happenin now. We got till sept 20th to do this and 20 per person in two weeks isnt bad. Help to actually support this cause
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